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Are harmful calories, sugar, and other health concerns dampening your excitement about crafting some energy drink cocktails? Fret not, as we enlighten you with 3 fabulous and guilt-free ideas to make healthy energy drink cocktails using the all-natural and organic Energia Organica Tucan energy drink. Without further ado, here’s the list:

healthy energy drink cocktails

El Montuno

Prefer your cocktails smaller in size but big on flavor? Mix yourself a batch of El Montuno, made to a 2:1 ratio of Seco Herrerano to Energia Organica Tucan, squeezing a lime and adding crushed rose petals. You will dance all night and still be making sweet music when the sun rises.

— — —

healthy energy drink cocktails

Tucan Slam

If you like El Montuno but are looking for something even stronger, then Tucan Slam might be just the thing. Simply mix 3 parts Seco Herrerano, 1 part Balboa beer, 1 part Energia Organica Tucan, a generous helping of Delidas hot sauce and one Alka Seltzer. Serve it in shots. Make sure to slam them down for extra effervescence.

— — —

healthy energy drink cocktails

Mango Bajito

Easiest drink to make on this list. Mix equal parts Ron Abuelo and Energia Organica Tucan. Grab your favorite store-bought mango juice or make your own, and add a splash. That’s it. Best enjoyed as a refreshing option to counteract the summer heat.

— — —

Part(y)ing Thoughts on Healthy Energy Drink Cocktails

Healthy cocktails are rare, and doubly more so when combined with energy drinks. With Energia Organica Tucan and these healthy energy drink cocktail recipes, you can be confident that not only will your party be a success– but your body will thank you too.

Do you like the above ideas and wish to see more? Here’s a link to Energia Organica Tucan’s very own book «No Bull: 100 Tucan Recipes» Party like it’s 1999 and don’t stop. Ever!

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